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      Anyone who has ever been hurt while on the job has probably wanted to find out more about how he or she can get paid for the injuries sustained; however, as an experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney will tell you, a lot of injured workers have not taken advantage of some of their work benefits, including coverage for workers’ compensation. An individual’s right to workers’ compensation is clearly spelled out in specific laws of the state of California. Simply stated, an employer is expected to pay premiums to an insurance company and that company will cover (or take responsibility for) any employee who gets hurt or killed during the course of his or her work or employment.

        Whether you have been injured at work during an specific accident (like being injured by a machine or falling from a ladder) or a long term continuous trauma caused by repetitive work, you have the right to obtain compensation for your injuries and specialized medical attention to help you get better.

       In most cases, employers and their workers compensation insurance carries put a lot of obstacles to avoid paying honest workers the compensation and recovery they deserve. You might feel discouraged, lost and alone in this process.

Don’t give up on your workers compensation rights !

           Our expert Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer can guide you to obtain both the maximum compensation and recovery for your injuries, working with you step by step to help you navigate the complex maze of administrative procedures in California’s workers compensation system. Our skilled Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorney knows what medical reports, procedures and information are required to build an strong work compensation case in California.

Let our Los Angeles work comp Lawyer Maximize your Benefits !     

               If you don’t pursue and obtain workers compensation legal representation, insurance companies will make sure to use every opportunity they encounter to reduce or minimize your benefits and chances for recovery, Retaining an expert Los Angeles Workers compensation lawyer to defend your rights is the best way to obtain all the medical and monetary benefits you are entitled to received, making sure worker compensation insurance companies take your case seriously. Our California workers comp lawyer will not let them get away with anything less than the best compensation you deserve, including:

  • Work injuries medical treatment with the best specialists available for your work injuries
  • Temporary work disability payments
  • Permanent work disability payments

What should I do after a work accident injury ?

       Workers Compensation accident claims are complex when fighting insurance companies unrepresented, at Rahnama Law workers compensation lawyers are committed to obtaining the maximum compensation and recovery you need as soon as possible.

When injured you need to take certain steps as soon as possible:

  • Inform your employer to document your work injury on the same day
  • Contact our work comp law firm to help you file your workers compensation claim
  • Visit your doctor for a comprehensive evaluation that will help determine the adequate benefits and work restrictions. 


Reach out to our workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles

              Rahnama Law has helped successfully represent thousands of work injury clients in California, with workers compensation attorney offices in Los Angeles , Oxnard   and Imperial County we can represent your work compensation case in California wherever you are.

            Please browse the articles on the side bar for the most frequently asked questions about California’s workers compensation system to be better informed on what to do if you sustain and accident at work.

               All our attorneys are certified workers compensation attorneys, licensed to defend an practice as work injury lawyers in the state of California , this certification is based on strict standards for legal knowledge, ongoing education and peer review evaluation, we have represented thousands of cases involving every type of workplace injury and industrial diseases, including physical injuries, heart conditions, stress disorders and repetitive motion injuries.

                We are dedicated to provide personalized, compassionate support and fierce legal representation to people injured at work. 

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How Does a Worker Qualify for Workers Compensation?

Los angeles work accidents lawyersWorkers are generally covered (or can get compensation) for any work injuries that take place as a result of their employment. More specifically, workers can qualify for workers’ compensation whenever they incur a work-related injury that is caused by negligence or unsafe working environments. However, a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney would probably advise his or her clients that there are a number of restrictions or exceptions, such as in the case of issues that can arise due to the misconduct of the employee, self-inflicted wounds, or those workers who suffer from pre-existing, long-lasting injuries.

All in all, individuals who work in the state of California can rest a little more comfortably at night knowing that they will be covered for any possible accident and future hazard that might occur in the workplace.

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