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     With the rise of public awareness of environmental issues and a general movement towards personal wellness, the number of bicyclists on California roads is rising.  While cycling can be a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly means of transportation, bicycle accidents do happen and often result in injury to the cyclist (even when sporting the proper safety gear).  If you have been seriously injured in a bicycle accident, it is important to protect yourself by consulting a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney immediately.

     If you find yourself badly injured while riding your bike, you will want to know who is legally responsible for your injuries and this is often rooted in who’s negligent actions caused the accident. In California, if a public safety law (such as a traffic law) is broken, negligence is presumed on behalf of the violator.

    The California Vehicle Code gives cyclists the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of automobiles.  Bicyclists are required to give pedestrians the right-of-way and observe traffic signals the same way the driver of an automobile is.  They are also subject to laws governing biking under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  In addition to this, there are specialized laws that govern the interaction between cyclists and drivers of cars.  These include the requirement that drivers give Los Angeles bicycle riders at least three feet of space when driving next to or passing them and the prohibition on obstructing a designated bicycle path.

Many Los Angeles Bike drivers are unaware that bicyclists are also permitted to “take the road” (even if they are moving slower than the speed of traffic) in the following circumstances: when passing, preparing for a left turn, avoiding hazards in the roadway, if the lane is too narrow to share, or when approaching a right turn.  In Los Angeles, when a designated bicycle lane is available, bicyclists riding slower than the speed of traffic are required to use that lane unless one of the exceptions mentioned earlier applies.

What should I do if injured on a bicycle accident ?

If you are involved in a Los Angeles bicycle accident with someone who failed to observe California motor vehicle and cycling laws, that person may be liable for your injuries.  The cause be may distracted driving on their part or a lack of knowledge of the rules governing bicyclists.  Whatever the reason, if their negligence caused your injury, you may have a claim to recover against them for your losses including medical expenses and wages lost during your time of recovery.

 If you are cycling and find yourself involved in an accident, you will likely be disoriented and unsure what to do.  Your first action should always be to get yourself off the road.

  • Make sure that you are not in further danger of being struck by another car or cyclist.  You should then assess your injuries and call an ambulance if need be. 
  • Take note of the scene and document any evidence.  Take pictures of your injuries, your damaged bicycle, and the scene of the accident.  Put the events in writing to preserve your memory and look for any witnesses to the accident  This will all become useful when meeting with your Los Angeles Bicycle injury attorney. 
  • Make sure that you exchange information with the other party including their name, address, phone number, license plate number and the make and model of their car.
  • Call the police and file an official accident report.  If no report has been filed, you may face skepticism from insurance companies. An important measure to take that often gets overlooked, is the need to follow-up your accident with a doctor.  Sometimes symptoms from a bodily injury may not present themselves immediately.  If you see a doctor and obtain medical documentation of your symptoms it will aid you in proving your injury was caused by the accident.

   In order to protect yourself and your financial future, contact an experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney who will zealously fight for your right to receive just compensation.  If you were in a biking accident caused by another, you have a right to be compensated for your medical bills, lost wages and your pain and suffering.  Call Rahnama Law to speak to one of our accomplished and aggressive Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys about your claim.


Where do Los Angeles Bicycle accidents most commonly happen ?

      Based on recent studies, accident statistics and press articles, despite recent government efforts to curb bicycle accident fatality rates in Los Angeles, bicycle accident keeps increasingly happening, leaving bicycle riders injured in the Los Angeles  deadliest 23 streets and 60 intersections.



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    What Should I Do if I’ve Been in a Bicycle Accident?

    If you or a loved one were involved in a bicycle accident in the state of California, there are certain things that should be done, to include the following:

    ►  Get Out of the Way of Harm.  The scene of a bicycle accident is quite often very dangerous, particularly because about 62% of all bicycle crashes involve fuel leakage. That said, one of the first things that you should do is to distance yourself from any potential fire hazard.

    ►  Obtain Medical Care as Soon as Possible.  If you are hurt during a bicycle collision, you should ask to be taken to the emergency room for immediate medical care. Both chest and head injuries are among the main causes of death in bicycle wrecks; therefore, victims should submit to an examination by physicians and take all required diagnostic tests (such X-rays and MRIs) without hesitation.

    ►  Notify the Authorities of the Accident.  You should call the police and report the accident immediately (unless you are taken from the scene by ambulance). This is important because the police report will show the facts of the collision and will identify all parties involved, including any witnesses to the accident.

    ►  Contact a Los Angeles Bicycle Lawyer .  Bicycle accident victims should speak with a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney as soon as they can. There is a substantial amount of investigation that needs to be done after a bicycle wreck, and it is a good idea to start it before evidence and witnesses start disappearing.

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